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ACC 574 Week 5 Individual Assignment Manage Accountability



ACC 574 Week 5 Individual Assignment Manage Accountability All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. Determines whether the money was spent as appropriated and whether the decision to use the money to build a freeway was the best use of that fund Identifies the various funding and revenue sources that the state could use to increase and allocate money for improvements, such as levy, collection, gas taxes, or driver’s license renewals Describes how each spending source would be forecasted and tracked in the budget accounting system Distinguishes between increasing revenue by raising taxes, cutting other services and programs to divert that funding to transportation issues, or both Includes expenditures and associated budgeting procedures, such as lump sum budgeting, object-of-expenditure budgeting, and performance budgeting At least three references other than the text and lectures are included. Ask a question


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