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ACC 542 Week 3 Individual Assignment Data Table Analysis



ACC 542 Week 3 Individual Assignment Data Table Analysis Individual Assignment: Data Table Analysis Before data may be automated, it must be evaluated for completeness. Examine the data tables that Kudler Fine Foods maintains for inventory. Resources: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization, sample pivot table, andMicrosoft® Excel Pivot Table tutorial Review the sample pivot table, available on the student Web site for this course, and the Microsoft® Excel Pivot Table tutorial, available at http://office.microsoft.com/training/training.aspx?AssetID=RC010136191033 Access the Inventory Reports data table in the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization intranet site, located under the Finance and Accounting tab. The table description is located under the Information Technology tab. Prepare a brief of no more than 750 wordsfor Kudler Fine Foods management in which you address the following: Evaluate the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective. Create an entity relationship diagram illustrating the existing data tables. Recommend improvements to the data tables. Create a pivot table in Microsoft® Excel using the general ledger inventory data located on the Kudler Fine Foods intranet. Explain how the information in the pivot table may improve decision making for management at Kudler Fine Foods; include an example from the data.


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