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ACC 423 Final Exam



ACC 423 Final Exam Question 1 Buttercup Corporation issued 250 shares of $11 par value common stock for $4,125. Prepare Buttercup’ journal entry. Question 2 Wilco Corporation has the following account balances at December 31, 2012. Common stock, $5 par value $511,670 Treasury stock 95,260 Retained earnings 2,400,840 Paid-in capital in excess of par 1,320,150 Prepare Wilco’s December 31, 2012, stockholders’ equity section Question 3 Woolford Inc. declared a cash dividend of $1.38 per share on its 2.22 million outstanding shares. The dividend was declared on August 1, payable on September 9 to all stockholders of record on August 15. Prepare the journal entries necessary on those three dates. Question 4 The outstanding capital stock of Pennington Corporation consists of 3,100 shares of $109 par value, 6% preferred, and 5,700 shares of $52 par value common. Assuming that the company has retained earnings of $83,000, all of which is to be paid out in dividends, and that preferred dividends were not paid during the 2 years preceding the current year, state how much each class of stock should receive under each of the following conditions. Question 5 Martinez Company’s ledger shows the following balances on December 31, 2012. 5% Preferred stock-$10 par value, outstanding 22,480 shares $224,800 Common stock-$100 par value, outstanding 33,720 shares 3,372,000 Retained earnings 708,120 Assuming that the directors decide to declare total dividends in the amount of $298,984, determine how much each class of stock should receive under each of the conditions stated below. One year’s dividends are in arrears on the preferred stock. Question 6 On January 1, 2012, Barwood Corporation granted 5,040 options to executives. Each option entitles the holder to purchase one share of Barwood’s $5 par value common stock at $50 per share at any time during the next 5 years. The market price of the stock is $72 per share on the date of grant. The fair value of the options at the grant date is $154,000. The period of benefit is 2 years. Prepare Barwood’s journal entries for January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012 and 2013. Question 7 Rockland Corporation earned net income of $340,800 in 2012 and had 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding throughout the year. Also outstanding all year was $908,800 of 10% bonds, which are convertible into 18,176 shares of common. Rockland’s tax rate is 40 percent. Compute Rockland’s 2012 diluted earnings per share. Question 8 DiCenta Corporation reported net income of $250,000 in 2012 and had 50,000 shares of common stock outstanding throughout the year. Also outstanding all year were 5,410 shares of cumulative preferred stock, each convertible into 2 shares of common. The preferred stock pays an annual dividend of $5 per share. DiCenta’ tax rate is 40%. Compute DiCenta’ 2012 diluted earnings per share. Question 9 Ferraro, Inc. established a stock appreciation rights (SAR) program on January 1, 2012, which entitles executives to receive cash at the date of exercise for the difference between the market price of the stock and the pre-established price of $24 on 5,050 SARs. The required service period is 2 years. The fair value of the SAR’s are determined to be $6 on December 31, 2012, and $13 on December 31, 2013. Question 10 Hillsborough Co. has an available-for-sale investment in the bonds of Schuyler with a carrying (and fair) value of $88,020. Hillsborough determined that due to poor economic prospects for Schuyler, the bonds have decreased in value to $57,020. It is determined that this loss in value is other-than temporary. Prepare the journal entry, if any, to record the reduction in value. Question 11 Capriati Corporation made the following cash purchases of securities during 2012, which is the first year in which Arantxa invested in securities. 1. On January 15, purchased 11,700 shares of Gonzalez Company’s common stock at $


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