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ACC 410 Final Exam Part 2



ACC 410 Final Exam Part 2 The City created a legally separate entity to operate a County Hospital. The City Council appoints a voting majority of the board of the Hospital. The City cannot impose its will on the Hospital and there is no potential for a financial benefit or financial burden to the City. The County Hospital would be a The Marsh River School District, a legally separate school district that has a separately elected governing body, cannot enter into any debt agreements without the approval of the County Commission. Marsh River School District would be considered a: The State has a legally separate State Building Authority which has a board appointed by the Governor. The Authority issues debt in its own name, holds title to buildings in its own name, and leases its building exclusively to the State. In what manner would the Authority be included in the State’s Basic Financial Statements? The City created a legally separate Housing Authority to provide low-income housing to residents of the City. The City issues debt for the Housing Authority in the name of the City, but the Housing Authority is responsible for repayment of the debt. The Housing Authority is governed by a board composed of all 5 members of the City Council. Actions can be taken by the Authority upon receiving an affirmative vote by a simple majority of the board. The Housing Authority would be considered a: Government-wide financial statements include which of the following? Voluntary health and welfare organizations must also report expenses by In a prior year, United Charities received a $100,000 gift to be used to acquire vans to provide transportation for physically challenged adults. During the current year, United acquired two vans at a cost of $60,000 each. The appropriate entry(ies) to record the acquisition should be The basis of accounting used by not-for-profit organizations in their external financial reports is United Charities’ annual fund raising drive in 2001 raised pledges of $600,000 of which $400,000 were collected in 2001 and $100,000 were collected in 2002. United Charities estimates $75,000 of the remaining pledges will never be collected. In 2002, the change in unrestricted net assets is A not-for-profit Art Museum that has elected not to capitalize its art collection receives a donation of a rare piece of Tlinket Indian art. The donor paid $8,000 for the piece several years ago. Today the piece has an estimated fair value of $50,000. What entry should the Art Museum make upon receipt of this donation? A private not-for-profit college would include which of the following financial statements in is Basic Financial Statements? Which of the following entities should recognize depreciation expense on its operating statement? For financial reporting purposes, private not-for-profit colleges and universities are within the jurisdiction of the A hospital estimates, based on past experience, that it will incur $5 million in malpractice claims as a result of services rendered in the current period. The hospital carries a malpractice insurance policy with a yearly $2 million deductible clause. The amount that should appear on its year-end financial statement as Claims Expense (Loss) should be In prior years, a not-for-profit hospital received funds from a donor who restricted the use of those funds to providing nursing scholarships. During the current year $8,000 of scholarships were awarded. These scholarships should be reported Which of the following is not reported upon in the Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs? The process of specifically directing federal funds to a particular program is called: ‘‘Generally accepted government auditing standards’’ (GAGAS) refers to standards incorporated in In discerning the objectives of a program to be audited, the auditors should give the least credibility to Thi


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