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ACC 400 Week 5 Assignment



ACC 400 Week 5 Assignment E 25.4 Sapsora Company uses ROI to measure the performance of its operating divisions and to reward division managers. A summary of the annual reports from two divisions is shown below. The company’s weighted-average cost of capital is 12 percent. E 25.5 An investment center in Shellforth Corporation was asked to identify three proposals for its capital budget. Details of those proposals are: E 25.6 Jennifer Baskiter is president and CEO of Plants& More.com , an Internet company that sells plants and flowers. The success of her startup Internet company has motivated her to expand and create two divisions. One division focuses on sales to the general public and the other focuses on business-to-business sales to hotels, restaurants, and other firms that want plants and flowers for their businesses. She is considering using return on investment as a means of evaluating her divisions and their managers. She has hired you as a compensation consultant. What issues or concerns would you raise regarding the use of ROI for evaluating the divisions and their managers? E 25.7 You are the manager of the Midwest Region, a 27-restaurant division that is part of the chain “Bites and Bits.” The restaurants offer casual dining and compete with such chains in your region as Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse . You receive an annual cash bonus of 5 percent of sales when residual income in your region exceeds the required minimum return on invested capital of 15 percent. You are using a similar performance evaluation plan to reward each of the managers in your 27 restaurants. You are concerned that important performance variables are being overlooked. For example, you have heard complaints from other regions and in your own region that the quality of the food is bad, it is difficult to retain serving staff in the restaurants, and finding a good chef is very difficult. At an upcoming planning meeting for all regional directors, the agenda includes considering the business performance evaluation and compensation plan. What could you say about the current compensation plan and what would you propose to remedy the problems? E 26.8 Pack & Carry is debating whether to invest in new equipment to manufacture a line of high quality luggage. The new equipment would cost $1,728,125, with an estimated five-year life and no salvage value. The estimated annual operating results with the new equipment are as follows: E 26.9 The division managers of Chester Construction Corporation submit capital investment proposals each year for evaluation at the corporate level. Typically, the total dollar amount requested by the divisional managers far exceeds the company’s capital investment budget. Thus, each proposal is first ranked by its estimated net present value as a primary screening criterion. Jeff Hensel, the manager of Chester’s commercial construction division, often overstates the projected cash flows associated with his proposals, and thereby inflates their net present values. He does so because, in his words, “Everybody else is doing it.” a. Assume that all the division managers do overstate cash flow projections in their proposals. What would you do if you were recently promoted to division manager and had to compete for funding under these circumstances? b. What controls might be implemented to discourage the routine overstatement of capital budgeting estimates by the division managers? E 26.10 EnterTech has noticed a significant decrease in the profitability of its line of portable CD players. The production manager believes that the source of the trouble is old, inefficient equipment used to manufacture the product. The issue raised, therefore, is whether EnterTech should (1) buy new equipment at a cost of $120,000 or (2) continue using its present equipment. It is unlikely that demand for these portable CD players will extend beyond


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