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ACC 400 Week 2 Assignment



ACC 400 Week 2 Assignment Write a 350-word paper that compares and contrasts the approaches to costing in E17.15 and E18.10 (See attachment for these questions). Distinguish production procedures that match with process costing from those that correspond with job order costing. Additionally, explain how job order costing, when used in conjunction with activity-based costing, can contribute to the allocation of indirect costs. E17.15 Spear Custom Furniture uses an activity-based cost accounting system to apply overhead to production. The company maintains four overhead cost pools. The four cost pools, and their budgeted amounts for the upcoming period, are as follows: E18.10 Accessory World makes floor mats for the automobile industry. Finished sets of mats must pass through two departments: Cutting and Coating. Large sheets of synthetic material are cut to size in the Cutting Department and then transferred to the Coating Department, where each set is sprayed with a chemical coating for improved durability. The following information pertains to May activity in the Cutting Department: E18.11 Exercise 18.11 is an extension of Exercise 18.10. The following information pertains to May activity in Accessory World’s Coating Department: E19.2 Assume you have just been hired as the management accountant in charge of providing your firm’s managers with product cost information. Identify the activities you might undertake for the following four value chain components: P19.1A Castner Corporation is considering implementation of a JIT inventory system. The company’s industrial engineer recently conducted a study to determine the average number of days spent in each activity of the production process. The following table summarizes her findings:


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