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ACC 307 Final Exam Part 1 & Part 2



ACC 307 Final Exam Part 1 & Part 2 Amy works as an auditor for a large major CPA firm. During the months of September through November of each year, she is permanently assigned to the team auditing Garnet Corporation. As a result, every day she drives from her home to Garnet and returns home after work. Mileage is as follows: Miles Home to office 10 Home to Garnet 30 Office to Garnet 35 One of the tax advantages of being self-employed (rather than being an employee) is: Under the actual cost method, which of the following expenses will not be allowed? The § 222 deduction for tuition and related expenses is available: Which of the following is subject to a cutback adjustment? Byron owned stock in Blossom Corporation that he donated to a museum (a qualified charitable organization) on June 8 this year. What is the amount of Byron’s deduction assuming that he had purchased the stock for $10,500 last year on August 7, and the stock had a fair market value of $13,800 when he made the donation? In Lawrence County, the real property tax year is the calendar year. The real property tax becomes a personal liability of the owner of real property on January 1 in the current real property tax year (assume this year is not a leap year). The tax is payable on June 1. On May 1, Reggie sells his house to Dana for $350,000. On June 1, Dana pays the entire real estate tax of $7,950 for the year ending December 31. How much of the property taxes may Reggie deduct? Sandra is single and does a lot of business entertaining at home. Because Arthur, Sandra’s 80-year old dependent grandfather who lived with Sandra, needs medical and nursing care, he moved to Twilight Nursing Home. During the year, Sandra made the following payments on behalf of Arthur: Room at Twilight $4,500 Meals for Arthur at Twilight 850 Doctor and nurse fees 700 Cable TV service for Arthur’s room 107 Total $6,157 Which of the following items would be an itemized deduction on Schedule A of Form 1040 not subject to the 2%-of-AGI floor? Rick and Carol Ryan, married taxpayers, took out a mortgage of $160,000 when purchasing their home ten years ago. In October of the current year, when the home had a fair market value of $200,000 and they owed $125,000 on the mortgage, the Ryans took out a home equity loan for $110,000. They used the funds to purchase a sailboat to be used for recreational purposes. The sailboat does not qualify as a residence. What is the maximum amount of debt on which the Ryans can deduct home equity interest? Rick, a computer consultant, owns a separate business (not real estate) in which he participates. He has one employee who works part-time in the business. Identify from the list below the type of disposition of a passive activity where the taxpayer keeps the suspended losses of the disposed activity and utilizes them on a subsequent taxable disposition. Vic’s at-risk amount in a passive activity is $200,000 at the beginning of the current year. His current loss from the activity is $80,000. Vic had no passive activity income during the year. At the end of the current year: White Corporation, a closely held personal service corporation, has $150,000 of passive losses, $120,000 of active business income, and $30,000 of portfolio income. How much of the passive loss can White Corporation deduct? Tara owns a shoe store and a bookstore. Both businesses are operated in a mall. She also owns a restaurant across the street and a jewelry store several blocks away. Black Company paid wages of $180,000, of which $40,000 was qualified wages for the work opportunity tax credit under the general rules. Black Company’s deduction for wages for the year is: Several years ago, Sarah purchased a structure for $150,000 that was originally placed in se


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