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ACC 203 Research Project


ACC 203 Research Project – Fall 2, 2015 For your final Financial Analysis project on the companies you chose is ACC 201 you will use your primary company (company used in ACC 202). First you will run a Horizontal and Vertical analysis on the company using 3 years of data. You are looking for trends and/or major swings in the financial statements. This method is used to identify numbers that are unusually high or low. You will run both analyses on the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements. Once you have run the numbers you will summarize your findings. Identify any numbers that are trending (good or bad) and then identify in the notes of the financial statement how the company explains the changes (if there is nothing in the notes you will come to your own conclusion). You must use Excel to complete the analysis (which of course will make your lives sooooo much easier!) Once the trend analysis is complete you will answer the following questions: Discuss the following as they pertain to your company on a separate page! What investments does your company report on the 2014 financial statements, how are they classified? Based on the cash flow statement – how much cash was used for investments? What Revenue recognition method does your company use? Does your company have deferred tax assets or liabilities? Why or why not? Does your company report a pension plan/pension liability? What is the % of funding reported in the notes? What is the average return for the plan? Does the company have postretirement benefits? Does your company report any leases? What are they for and what are the terms of that lease? There is no minimum or maximum number of pages required! You need to use as many pages as required to complete the project! You can use PowerPoint, Word, Excel (whatever you are most comfortable with) to produce a readable presentation of your information! You are to create a document/presentation that you would hand into your boss! Remember, format and presentation is extremely important! It is your time to shine!


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