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ACC/201 ACC201 ACC 201 Module 3 Discussion


ACC 201 Module 3 Discussion The CPA is involved in many aspects of accounting and business. Let’s discuss some other tasks, other than external auditing, that the CPA performs. What are some non-traditional areas where CPAs are now involved? Do research on the Internet and show the reference for the information. Don’t forget to also respond to a colleague’s posts. Professor’s Note: In addition to searching the Internet for text related to this discussion, please watch the following video (click on the following link to access the video) and post your comments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkmtNNUHzLo Audit and Assurance Chapter 1 F8 2013 Grading Criteria: Try to add information not previously discussed by others. Please, provide factual information (not merely opinions) backed up by details or examples. Your comments should be in your own words and include references.


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