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AC/504 AC504 AC 504 Unit 1 Assignment 1


AC 504 Unit 1 Assignment 1 Assignment I Tainted Baby Powder Milk Read the Ethics Case China’s Tainted Baby Milk Powder on pp. 39–41 of your text and answer the following questions (approximately one paragraph per answer) from p. 40: 1, 2, 3, and 5 Questions: 1. Given strong profit growth, has there been any damage to Baidu.com’s reputation? 2. What would reputational damage affect, and how could it be measured? 3. What steps could Baidu.com take to restore its reputation, and what challenges will it have to overcome? 1. In some cultures, a “culture of secrecy” or manipulation of the new s is tolerated more than others. How can this be remedied by other governments, corporations, investors, and members of the public? Accounts Assignment Help, Accounts Homework help, Accounts Study Help, Accounts Course Help


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