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ability of a corporation to obtain capital


ability of a corporation to obtain capital 1 . A typical organization chart showing delegation of authority would show a. stockholders delegating to the board of directors. b. the board of directors delegating to stockholders. c. the chief executive officer delegating to the board of directors. d. the controller delegating to the chief executive officer. 2. The officer who is generally responsible for maintaining the cash position of the corporation is the a. controller. b. treasurer. c. cashier. d. internal auditor. 3. The chief accounting officer in a corporation is the a. treasurer. b. president. c. controller. d. vice-president of finance. 4. The ability of a corporation to obtain capital is a. enhanced because of limited liability and ease of share transferability. b. less than a partnership. c. restricted because of the limited life of the corporation. d. about the same as a partnership. 5. Which of the following statements concerning taxation is accurate? a. Partnerships pay state income taxes but not federal income taxes. b. Corporations pay federal income taxes but not state income taxes. c. Corporations pay federal and state income taxes. d. Only the owners must pay taxes on corporate income. Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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