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AB 219 UNIT 9 DISCUSSION Unit 9: Promotion Strategy – Discussion Team Discussion: Social Media Marketing After conferring with your team below Unit 10 in your team’s Discussion area you will respond to your Discussion topics as a team posting in the Unit 9 Discussion area on the left navigation bar. Be sure to identify your team in your postings. In this Team Discussion, you will engage in the development of the following professional competencies: • Meet project deadlines as a team These competencies also are critical to your success in most jobs. Companies are increasingly using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as part of ongoing business practices. The purpose of this exercise is to help you understand the impact of corporate social networking on the success of an organization. You will be divided up into teams of students in this exercise per the instructor. Your responses should be substantive and follow the Team Discussion Rubric guidelines (as seen below) for the Team Discussion in order to receive the maximum number of points. Click on the document below to see the grading rubric for this Team Discussion. Full instructions can be found in the Team areas located below Unit 10.


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