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A research and development laboratory


A research and development laboratory 1. Two common classifications of operations technology that have received considerable attention are __________ classification and __________ classification. a) Weber’s; Taylor’s. b) Thompson’s; Woodward’s. c) Herzberg’s; Thompson’s. d) Salancik’s; Pfeffer’s. e) Bandura’s; Herzberg’s. 2. __________ classified technologies based on the degree to which the technology could be specified and the degree of interdependence among the work activities. a) Salancik. b) Taylor. c) Thompson. d) Woodward. e) Pfeffer. 3. The three technology classifications that were described by James D. Thompson are __________. a) sporadic, continuous, and high-intensity. b) intensive, continuous, and complex. c) intensive, mediating, and long-linked. d) straightforward, continuous, and high-intensity. e) small-batch, mass production, and continuous-process. 4. In the context of Thompson’s view of technology, under ____, there is uncertainty as to how to produce desired outcomes and a group of specialists must be brought together interactively to use a variety of techniques to solve problems. a) intensive technology. b) mass production technology. c) continuous-process technology. d) mediating technology. e) long-linked technology. 5. A research and development laboratory is an example of __________. a) continuous-process technology. b) bureaucratic technology. c) intensive technology. d) long-linked technology. e) small-batch technology. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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