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A company using a narrow scope in its business strategy


A company using a narrow scope in its business strategy 1. All of the following are considered generic business-level strategies EXCEPT a. product diversification. b. cost leadership. c. focused differentiation. d. integrated cost leadership/differentiation. 2. A company using a narrow scope in its business strategy is a. following a cost leadership business strategy. b. focusing on a broad array of geographic markets. c. limiting the group of customer segments served. d. decreasing the number of activities on its value chain. 3. As the television industry has changed in the last few decades from just three major networks to a multiplicity of networks, one of the major aspects of business strategy for the newer networks is ____ than the traditional networks. a. broader competitive scope b. narrower competitive scope c. increased use of primary activities to capture value d. increased use of support activities to capture value 4. The effectiveness of any of the generic business-level strategies is contingent upon a. customer needs and competitors’ strategies. b. the match between the opportunities and threats in its external market and the strengths of its internal environment. c. the trends in the general consumer base and the robustness of the global and industry economy. d. the firm’s competitive scope and its competitive advantage. 5. A cost leadership strategy provides goods or services with features that are a. acceptable. b. unique. c. substandard. d. mediocre. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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