The Murder Trial of Shareef Cousin


murderJuvenile is part of the justice system, which makes sure that all individuals who act against the law are treated accordingly regardless of their age. This department to be precise deals with suspects who are below the majority age. According to the law of the land, a crime happens due to two first; the person had to have a clear intent of committing the crime while the alternative is, the person under all circumstances had to commit the crime. This does not happen among the very young infants. In their case, they have very little control on what they do. However, young adults who are aged in between ten to seventeen have the above qualities, and as such can commit a crime. Considering that they are still, not the majority age, the justice department found it necessary to establish a system where the young adults would be tried in accordance to the law.

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In juveniles, the young adults are brought to book for their actions and tried in the courtyard as it is done in the other courts. Children between the age of seven and seventeen are tried in this system. For instance in 1977 Gregory Martin, age 14, was arrested in 1977 and charged with robbery, assault, and possession of a weapon. He and two other youth allegedly hit a boy on the head with a loaded gun and stole his jacket and sneakers. This is a crime committed by a minor and is worth trail. Gregory martin though, not in the majority age has the capability to know what is right and wrong. It is through this belief that he is brought to book as he is feared to commit another crime if he is not arrested.

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Capital offence is a crime against the law. Its castigation is capital punishment or death sentence. In the early stages of the juvenile system, this punishment was not prevalent. However after learning that the young adults have in an increased way indulged in such crime, the punishment was given. In the case of Shereef cousins who hold a primary record in such judgments, such punishment was given. This punishment has over a long time raised arguments among many people across the justice department as well as the general citizens. Most of them view it in different perspectives thus; the topic has generated a heated argument on it. Thomas Graunger was the first juvenile, acknowledged to be executed in US, was tried and found guilty of bestiality in 1642 in Plymouth Colony, MA (Hale, 1997). Since that execution, 361 individuals had been executed for crimes committed when they were juveniles. This tally shows how the rate of these crimes has risen over a very short period. The death sentence among the juvenile holds the justice scene at hand limiting the actions of young adults in the crime. There are several facts, which accompany the justice row. The facts have been collected over a long period after keenly observing the occurrences in the juvenile systems across the United States of America. In the facts, it shows that more than seventy-four offenders have been sentenced to the capital punishment. Among them, all are male who mostly did the crime at the age of seventeen years. They have been held in a death row for as long as several months to twenty-one years. Execution of most sentenced offenders happens when they are in the majority age.

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Many people in the society have different views towards the death sentence in the juvenile. Some supports it with facts while others oppose the execution. The constitution, however, gives the allowance for execution despite the significant debate on the issue.

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Those who argue for execution in the juvenile have several facts behind their arguments. These particulars include that; the state registrars should decide whether the juveniles would be executed or not. Though the punishment is an option, it should take the decision of another party to affirm it or deny it. This would ensure that the judgment is based on facts and the constitution and is the best to take. In the case Shereef cousins, the constitution is against murder. Thus, conviction of murder is a justification for such a punishment.

On the other hand, the supporters of this punishment still argue that the punishment is a necessary evil. In the society where crime grows as days goes and where the criminals use any form of trick against the law, banning juvenile death sentence would be a significant blow in fighting crime in the United States of America. Teenagers such as the Shereef cousins harass and kill other age mates in the limelight. This should be curbed by use of the punishment Major crime gangs bearing in mind that they will be treated with leniency are using juvenile in the present. However, the punishment acts as a scarecrow to the criminal acts. Therefore, for this reason is unavoidable to have the punishment in the society.

American constitution upholds the punishment. Those who are in support of this sentence argue that the American constitution is superior. It should not take what other nations or societies view the issue in the constitution to make changes in it. For this reason, it is believed according to them that there was a necessary reason for putting this punishment. Capital crimes take the role of very learned justice professionals as well as sociologist to handle the situation. Having plenty of such professionals in America gives it confidence in any actions, which it undertakes provided they seek guidance from such professionals. The constitution is always there to protect the likes of Geradi who was said to be murdered by Shereef cousin. The punishment acts as a warning to the other teenagers from such crime acts
Still in supporting this punishment, those for it argue that the constitution takes charge of all matters as decided in courts. Besides that, among the juveniles, the juries in their situation take keen note of several issues before deciding on the capital punishment. One of the factors, which the jury look into, is the culpability of the juveniles. This includes analyzing the situation at hand as per case. In this factor, the juries’ situation when committing the crime is considered before judgment thus justice is ensured. In the same perspective, the maturity level of the individual juvenile and his/her role in the crime at hand is considered. This makes it only possible to make such judgments in very necessary situations.
The above facts support the capital punishment among the juvenile. A quick glance on the capital offence though necessary should not just be made without considerations. Entailing it in the punishment list, on the other hand, plays a very big role in making the juveniles avoid crime. In Shereef case, all reasons behind his murder implications were looked at, and death sentence concluded. However, the situation was not constitutionally looked into to assure a crime happened
On the other hand, other outside observers sees the punishment as too harsh for the juveniles. For this reason, they do not support execution on the juveniles. In their argument, their support their argument saying that killing is immoral. Killing persons who are under the age of the majority is not a preferable act according to the moral code of those who opposes. This practice to them seems to be immoral and uncivilized.
In their argument also, they defend their stand by stating that according to particular scientific study, the minorities have reason for their name. Their systems that are the brain and reasoning capacity are less developed thus; they should not be held culprit. Through this argument, they continue to defend the status saying that there was a good reason for making the majority age where it is. Therefore, it should be dug deep into details instead of making such punishments to the minor.
Yet on the same argument, those who opposes the juvenile execution states that those in death rows suffer more that they get rehabilitated by the punishment. They suffer mental torture as well as other physical abuse. These young people also indulge into mo dangerous habits such as drug addiction due to abandonment. In this argument, it is clear that the punishment does not do any good to the society.



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