herbalIn psychological therapies that are prescribed to patients and victims of psychological problems many ingredients are used to make or manufacture them. For the last several decades, the use of artificial therapies was common among all psychological practitioners. However, the users continue to neglect as the discovery of stronger and better natural therapies continue (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). Artificial therapies were most commonly used due to their quickness in effectiveness. However, in some cases, their long time effect is less pleasant to make them preferable to the natural therapies. For this reason, it has become common for the psychological practitioners to prescribe natural therapies that have complete and friendly effects both on short time and longtime basis (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). There are various known working natural therapies which target specific psychological problems ranging from pains to depression.


Gingko bilobo one of the most commonly known natural supplements, it has been in the use for various years. Being extracted from the leaves of a plant with the same name, this extract is used as a memory enhancer. The plant use as therapy and medicine was first discove3rd in china. It spread to America and finally the whole world can use it (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). It is commonly used to enhance memory and sharp thinking. It operates through helping blood flow in the brain. It also intoxicates any component in the blood flowing to the brain. Gingko bilobo is safe for use in the human race. However, in some people, it may cause headaches and heart problems. It is therefore, recommended that one should consult a practitioner before using this treatment (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000).

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SAM-e is yet another natural treatment that is commonly used as an antidepressant. It came into existence in the early eighteenth century with it being used in the United States of America. This treatment that practitioners refer in other words as S-Adenosyl methionine can be consumed into the human body through injection and oral consumption (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). It effects are less compared to the artificial therapies used to relief depression. It can however, cause heart problems if not regulated well by a practitioner.

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The other effective herbal treatment is Saint-john’s-wort, it is used for mild mental problems such as moderate depression mild anxiety and sleeping problems. To aid its operation, this herbal treatment contains Hypericin and Hyperforin as the major ingredients as well as other plant acids. Hypericin  is a working ingredient for treating depression while Hyperforin is an antibiotic.

Black cohosh roots have been for a long time used to treat several ailments. Today, this herbal supplement is used for particular psychological problems associated with menopause. It is known to solve problems such as headaches mood changes and sleep problems (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). A prescribing physician should prescribe dosage of this herbal supplement. Research shows that there are no food substances with even the slightest content of cohosh. Side effect from this supplement may include headaches and stomach aches.

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Among the natural therapy prescriptions, Melatonin is a hormone commonly used by practicing psychologist. It is helpful in issue concerning regulations of day and night management in the body (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). This hormone aids in sexual performance and increasing the life’s span of a human being through promoting relaxation and openness of the mind. It is of good help to person experiencing sleep problems.

Psychological problems are the key reason making people have stress and depressions. They also hinder the normal working of the body (Kuhn & Winston et al., 2000). For this reason, discovery of effective natural user friendly solutions to these problems is a relief to the society. Research continues on natural plants and herbs which have a history in medication.

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